They Say...

They say you learn something new everyday, right? 

Well, I recently discovered from 'Coffee' guy that there are different names for different types of Tie formations. Like a suit and a tie, tie. Get it? 

Haha! So he told me that the way I tie Ties is called the 'Prince Albert' tie. Ohhh... funny. Haha

So yeah, Every time I go to work, I sport a stylish Prince Albert for everyone to see. =D

Ohh. I crack myself up


PhD Snowboarder said...

I wish I knew how to tie a tie! I can't do it to save my life!


Lost in Confusion said...

Haha, in my opinion, its the easiest way to tie one. It took me like a week to get it down 'properly.'

Nice new little snowboard-buddy pic.

andre21 said...

i prefer a single windsor, or if the tie is long enough, a double windsor.

the single is the most widely used i think.

Lost in Confusion said...

maybe this one way that im talking about has more than one name, because it seems like the only way someone would actually tie a tie.

seems like the only logical way, anyways.

damn, i have to look this stuff up.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I think that there are 85 'different' ways to tie a neck tie. Why there are, is a complete mystery!