Being Gay...

..Is ruining my life.

I wish I was straight. Having to hide all this bullshit is so hard.

Is there anyone out there having the same difficulties as me? Not coming out difficulties (although, I have tons of those problems too), but difficulties pretending to be straight?

I find myself staring at hot guys as I drive next to them, forgetting I have a close straight friend in the passenger seat. I'm having to constantly cover my steps. Being in a relationship with somebody is completely out of the question...

I'm beginning to lose my cool, driving faster, ignoring simple rules, wanting to scream at pedestrians. I don't know why. I've become so unfriendly so quickly. I'm losing my friends, my best friends. Beginning to do things that I don't want to do...

I need help. But until then, I'm going to put the fake smile back up and pretend. Pretend my life feels like it's going to be okay, when in reality it's falling to shit. Pretend that I haven't been crying for no, noticeable, reason almost everyday for the past week. Pretend that I'm not gay. Pretend to not be Me. 

So far, so good.

I hate feeling sorry for myself. But I cannot risk being discovered. Not yet.




I just saw the premier of Twilight, and I have to say... Amazing. 
Great story! Great characters! Great movie!
and really cute lead actors :P




Ahh Man...

I would've preferred to have McCain as president... but either way, Congrats to Obama. 

I wish you luck, and hope you don't fuck up. :)