Breathe Me -- Sia

I cannot get this song out of my head!

Such a great song! My favorite part is the major Cello action at about 4:30. Wow.

Sia sure does look crazy, but her voice is fantastic. 

By the way...

Happy Holidays Everyone :)


David said...

sia is amazing. good song!

Aek said...

Dude, are you a cellist? :P

Man, I really like that cello part (I'm a cellist). It's not actually that hard to play, but sometimes things that sound amazing aren't that difficult.

Lost in Confusion said...

Aek -- I'm not a cellist, but I kinda/sorta play the violin haha. I just can't read music very well.

Yeah, in this video, it sounds amazing but it looks like its just the same notes over and over again.

Aek said...

Haha, violin's cool. I know many violinists (too many perhaps o.O).

Lost in Confusion said...

hahaha too many?

those violin bastards hehe