Seems to be a heated topic right now on the West Coast!
(pun intended)

Sooo... like any other person that hardly EVER gets to experience a "true winter," I took some pictures! 

Hope they are to your liking :)

Also... they're WAY to big. I know, but I already resized them and I don't feel like doing it again. Hahaha 
If somebody knows a faster way to resize all of your pictures, please let me know.


Lost in Confusion said...

I don't know why, or how to fix it, but all the pictures are cut in half. lol

Just so you readers know.

DieseljockNYC said...

I hate snow. Blah. :(

Seth said...

Hey... no fair. West Coast? Thats WAY more snow than we got here on the East Coast today with our "blizzard".



Seth said...

PS: the pictures look fine to me (not cut off) and that first one is an excellent shot!

Lost in Confusion said...

Hey Seth,
Yup, i'm over in Seattle! Tons of snow here

and thanks on the photo comment :)

Lost in Confusion said...

hey hows it goin?

You hate the snow??
Whaaa... why?

Well, I guess you see it often living over in NY.

I read some of your posts, good stuff you got there.

I definitely plan on following and reading anything else you got. :)


naturgesetz said...

Good pictures. Freshly fallen snow is beautiful, isn't it?

dan said...

open with paint and then resize (control w)down 25% OR 35% ETC...
just an idea.
great pics btw. happy new year

Aek said...

"True winter" is overrated. I'm done with it, I want to be in a warmer clime now.

To re-size pics in Blogger, when you upload your pics, choose "medium" or "small" pic size as your default. It'll automatically shrink the size of the pic to fit into the blog, but if you click on the pic, the original size pops up. (I hope this made sense.)

Lost in Confusion said...

thank you Dan and Aek for the help with the pics :)