I don't know if I should be posting this, but whatever, its cute. 

Umm... I hung out with this new guy the other day, lets call him AKguy (he's from Alaska) and we've been talking nonstop (via text, haha lame, I know) and he's so funny and knows exactly how to make a person laugh. :D

An example:
Him -- "Hey how u been? Sorry i didn't talk 2 u earlier, didn't have my cell :)"
Me -- "Gettin ready for work, what are you doin tonight?"
Him -- "I'm doin you. Why?"
Me -- "Just making sure =P"
Him -- " Lol, no plans yet. What are you doin later?"

haha this guy is so nice. And having a sense of humor is DEFINITELY a plus.

Lets see what happens after work.

Until Then,

By the way, you need to go on youtube and check out Morgan Page's -- Call My Name. Feat. Tyler James.

Really cool song, if you here the right version. 


PhD Snowboarder said...

It's always fun when you have a texting buddy who makes you laugh. I have a few of them that just brighten my day. Even when I am in the middle of teaching and I get a funny text from the my students look at me crazy and want to know what I am laughing at.

David said...

cute! sounds fun. be safe!

Tim said...

That sounds awesome! hahaha. Take advantage of the time that you are with him. have fun, please be safe!

Lost in Confusion said...

PhD -- Haha I love getting random texts throughout the day! I especially like those ones that make you smile uncontrollably

David and Tim -- So much fun to hang out with him, but I think that the age thing might be a little too weird for me. He's 24, so it's kinda weird. But ALWAYS safe! I Always meet in public places... Starbucks, the Mall, etc.