My Apologies...

Where the fuck have I been??

Sorry I haven't written anything in a month! I've been extremely busy and I am going to make it a priority to make a post explaining everything that has been going on this past month.

Thank You to those who kept/keep in touch through email, twitter, etc. 

Lots to share with you guys 


manxxman said...

Keep up the blogging. It's healthy getting things off your chest.

Aek said...


Where have you been?! You didn't answer my last email (that I sent ages ago) or signed online. Even though we've only talked online like, 3-4 times, I still miss talking to you.

How's everything going? I'm sure you're about tell us what happened in this intervening time. ;-)

At this rate, I may have to get me a Twitter and follow you. o.O (I might do that anyway, my friend had me start one.)

Seth said...

Welcome back, kind of. Do keep us posted!! :)

Aek said...


Where have you been?! Not on MSN, not on Twitter, not on blog . . . where are you? o_O

Anonymous said...




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