I Give Up

I give up on trying to hang out with my dad.


I wanted to hang out with my dad last night so I told my work I couldn't come in. I called my dad at about 5 and told him that I was available to hang out. He has meetings every monday and tuesday night and every thursday my little sister comes and stays with me and my dad until sunday. I figured that this would be the one night of the week that we could hang out, just us. 

So I called and left him a message saying that I don't work and we should hang out. He came home at 11 pm and said "I just got your message, sorry man." So I shrugged it off and went to bed. Then about an hour ago, he came home without my little sister and I asked him what time he's going to go get her. He said "oh, she's gonna hang out with her mom tonight." I told him that I don't work and that we should hang out. He said he was going to go pick up his "friend" (this gal, I think they're dating but he doesn't tell me shit so I wouldn't know) and he can't hang out with me tonight. 

That means that starting tomorrow he's going to be busy giving my little sister everything she wants until sunday then he has meetings on monday and tuesday then MAYBE he can schedule in some time for me.

It feels like I have a lump in the middle of my throat. This sucks. 


Seth said...

Perhaps the new school will give you a new chance, to change things around?

Perhaps Dad just really has no idea how important your time is together? Have you ever had a serious talk and let him know?


Seth said...

btw, totally unrelated - how did you get the really cool static background with everything else scrolling?

Lost in Confusion said...

yeah, idk if my dad understands how important it is...

thanks for the hugs :)

and static background? i have an argyle background haha.
maybe its just not loading all the way

Seth said...

i meant its like the text scrolls and the background and borders stays the same..

err... .sorry maybe im just brain dead

Lost in Confusion said...

ohh i get it haha

i googled "blog layouts" lol

I don't remember the exact website, sorry

Aek said...

:( Have you told your dad how important it is to you for you two to hang out and get to know each other?

Sometimes when we're busy, we can't seem to notice things. So maybe he's just so busy he didn't think much of it. You do, after all, have to vie for attention against your little sister. :P

I hope everything's working out for you right now. You sound like you're in a rut, but lift your head a little, okay? I haven't seen you online in a while. :( We should chat again soon. :)

(P.S. I apologize for my excessive use of smiley faces.)

Diary of a Mad Latino Man said...

I agree with AEK, you should tell your dad how important it is for you guys to hang out. You see, I don't think my dad is that cool so I would never want to spend time with him. Just as long as he keeps sending money my way that is the only relationship I need.

But for you, you like hanging out with your dad and it hurts your feelings when he bails on you... Tell your dad how you feel!


naturgesetz said...


That's really disappointing for you.

With all his talk of loving you unconditionally, I hope it's just as others suggested — that he didn't realize that it was important to you. Maybe he thought is was completely casual.

I hope you can have some good time with him soon.

joshua said...

Another one who agrees with AEK here. Sometimes it's better if we verbalise what we feel to others so that it gets drilled into their heads, so to speak...

Good luck with everything!!! =)

Aek said...


It's been a while since you last posted on this blog (and longer still since I've seen you online). How're things?

*pokes again for good measure*

Steevo said...


Please let us know that you are still there.

Even if it's all shitty, we can listen.


steevo in cali

Steevo said...

too long no post.

people here care for you but your silence is very worrying.