The First of Many

Today, I reveal to the World... my existence

Hello Good People of Wherever You Are Currently Situated:

I am Someone, er... I will be. 

I have never before blogged.

I'm definitely new to this whole... Writing thing. 

I'm really bad at it, but who gives a damn. I mean, apparently you don't, or you would've stopped reading.


Soooo... I'm not sure what to say.

Just basically introducing myself as a new blogger (I'm not even sure I can call myself that just yet).

I'm gonna look around and see what other bloggers have written so that I can an idea of how all this works. But for now, I continue to remain ignorant. 

I know, I know. Doesn't seem too promising, but soon I'll be writing about me and things that I observe and my thoughts on life and its many confusing obstacles.

So bare with me while I figure everything out.

I look forward to better entertaining you in the near future. 


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